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IICRC Certified Flood and Restoration and Repair Services

In the United States the IICRC (institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration) exists to help the victims of flooding, water damage and spillage safely cope with the restoration and repair process. They exist because when you deal sewage or mold you need to be extra cautious of the real health and hazard concerns that are presents. In order to assure that the restoration and repairs done follow decontamination regulations the IICRC certifies contractors who off these services and by doing so they guarantee that the job will be done right the first time. This eliminates many of the health risks associated with water damage, leakage or flooding in the home or place of business. Once an IICRC certified practitioner has completed their work, the IICRC and insurance companies must approve the labor before people can occupy the structure.

IICRC What You Need To Know Now

If you are currently dealing with an IICRC scenario caused by environmental factors (flooding, storms, fires) or incidents including bursting pipes, ground leakage, sewer backup etc. then you are probably wondering what you need to do in order to assure that your home is safe and begin filing an insurance claim. The good news is, that if you deal with an IICRC approved technicians for your flood repair and restoration needs such as Boyd’s in San Diego. Then you need not worry about the extensive process, because it will for the most part be taken care of for you.

There are different categories of water that will determine the extent of IICRC’s involvement and your level of concern regarding your water damage situation.

Category #1 Water Damage

Refers to any situation where the water damage source is not a hazard threat or contamination risk if exposed to humans. Essentially this means that the water was potable, at the time of flooding. Although the water make become contaminated the longer it remains in the home or building depending on factors such as contact and temperature.

Category #2 Water Damage

Refers to water that begins initially with some degree of contamination and could potentially cause illness if exposed to humans.

Category #3 Water Damage

Refers to water that is highly contaminated and could potentially caused death or serious illness if ingested. It is also advisable that humans avoid direct contact to Category #3 water because it may contain microorganisms or other unhealthy substances that could be absorbed into the body. When water comes into a home or any other building structure via sewage back up, flood water (rivers or streams) or ground service water it will be immediately classified as a Category #3 incident and will need to be reviewed by an IICRC certified specialist.

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