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Mold Remediation

Boyd’s Flood and Repair In San Diego Provides Mold Remediation Services

Helping San Diego homes and business affected by mold!

Boyd’s Flood and Damage repair in San Diego is experienced and certified to aid families and local businesses with mold remediation. Certified by the IICRC our skilled technicians know how to accurately eliminate the hazardous mold spores, which can grow following water damage, or moisture leakage into the home.

Why Mold Remediation is Important

Concerns regarding mold have become increasingly alarming as more research regarding the negative effects of regular exposure to mold or mold spores in the home or place of business are revealed. Latest health reports have uncovered startling evidence between ongoing health symptoms and their relationship with mold growth. Concluding that ongoing contact with harmful mold spores can be immensely damaging to humans and should be remedied immediately upon detection. It is also emphasized that in order for mold to be completely eliminated in a location, specific procedures that must be followed. This is why, it is important for individuals, who suspect mold growth within their residence or commercial operation contact an IICRC professional for a consultation and begin the process of re-mediating the mold from the area before human habitation is appropriate.

The mold remediation specialists at Boyd’s Flood and Repair in San Diego understand how inconvenient and disorienting it can be to discover mold on your property. For this reason, we prioritize serious mold occurrences as an emergency situation and will do whatever we can to help remedy the situation in a timely fashion. We understand the vital process of mold treatment and detection and offer reasonable rates for our consultation, and mold removal and repair services. Our first and foremost concern is the health and the well being of our clients who have been living with mold and once the hazard has been identified we will come up with a remediation plan that will eliminate the mold and help to prevent re-occurrence in the contaminated areas.

Establishing A Mold Remediation Plan

Unfortunately mold left untreated in a home or place of business will spread and be present in the air supply. This is why it is extremely important that property owners contact a professional remediation service in order to assure that the mold is completely eliminated from the structure. It is also important to note that even once visually detectable mold had identified upon further investigation there may also be hidden mold nearby or throughout the contaminated area that also requires treatment. A professional who has experience dealing with mold and identifying mold conditions will be able to come up with a strategic remediation plan, that will eliminate all instances of mold from the structure and make it safe for in-habitation.

The remediation plan and assessment, typically requires a consultation visit from a certified water damage specialist and IICRC member. Following the initial evaluation of the damage level and extent of the contamination, the occupants should be relocated and a plausible removal plan devised. Typically, after mold has been found, there must be an evaluation of the potential health hazards before the remediation specialists can come in and begin the removal process. Once the situation has been properly accessed all areas of repair, and prevention of future contamination must be addressed.

– The water damage, humidity problem, or moisture leak must be repaired and dried

– Contaminated materials (such as drywall) must be disposed of and replaced with new

Due to the fact that proper procedures must be followed if you wish to eliminate all potential chances of re-contamination it is in your best interest to use a water damage and mold remediation expert. It is also important to choose a servicer who is IICRC approved so that proper safety precautions can be taken.

Boyd’s Flood and Repair have years of experience dealing with all levels of mold and black mold exposure. They are available on-call 24 hrs a day and are well equipped with modern drying technology that is ideal for the quick resolve of all mold related problems.

Suspecting Mold? Call Boyd’s Now For An Emergency Consultation and Remediation Services in San Diego and area.

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