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Mold Signs and Symptoms

Boyd’s Flood and Damage Repair in San Diego, Identifying Mold Signs and Symptoms

Know when to call Boyd’s Flood and Damage repair in San Diego for immediate remediation services!

Even before mold is delectated in your home, signs and symptoms of potential mold contamination may begin to show throughout your residence. For this reason, it is important to know exactly what to look for and how to cope with potential mold exposure if you identify any type of molding caused by moisture damage within your home or commercial building.

Allergic Reaction

Health related symptoms are the #1 concern regarding mold in a residence or place of business and are usually the first sign, aside from actual visual confirmation that mold may be present. Depending on the occupants’ sensitivity level to the mold the first mold related health problem you will see is an allergic reaction that includes congestion, cough, sneezing, and red eye. These symptoms do not always occur as a reaction to mold but if you are experiencing them and suspect that mold is the culprit you may wish to contact a specialist for a visual exception of the presence to see if mold is the culprit.

Mold Odor

When the mold is hidden and no visual confirmation can be made, there may be a present odor. It will be a stagnant smell that does not go away, which may be described as similar to mildew, or “swamp”. If you find yourself constantly smelling something with these characteristics but cannot see any visual signs of mold it may be a sign the contamination is located within the walls or underneath the flooring. Your best course of action is to contact a mold detection expert to help identify the odor’s source.

Visual Signs of Mold

The most obvious indication of mold is the visual presence of it that can actually be seen. However, many people are dismissive of these visible signs because they either

a.) Do not believe that it is mold and assume that it is either dirt or dust collecting

b.) They may not recognize the serious hazards associated with mold contamination, especially if no other symptoms or reactions are present. Unfortunately, not dealing with an present mold problem can lead to more extensive issues down the road. It is important that you investigate any suspected mold growth in your home as soon as you see it.

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