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Sewage Damage

When it comes to Sewage Damage You Need To Take Special Precautions

The truth is when you are dealing with sewage flooding or leakage there are some particular precautions that need to be observed if you wish to restore your home or business properly. The professional Flood and Repair experts at Boyd’s are experienced in dealing with Sewage flooding, leaking and spillage in home residences or commercial business operations, they can offer consultations and come up with a strategy for quick amendment, so that the extent of damage is minimalized. They have years of experience dealing with sewage related water damage scenarios and know how to proceed with caution and proper procedure. They are approved by the IIRCR, for cleaning and restoration inspection, so you know that they will complete the job correctly the first time to the highest official standards available.

When your home has been exposed to sewage water a full cleaning and decontamination is 100% mandatory if your wish to continue to reside in or do business out of, the effected structure. Health and safety regulates that officials investigate all structures exposed to sewage waters before residents are allowed to return. Boyd’s Flood and Repair services are certified experts in dealing with sewage contamination and can act quickly in beginning to restore and repair impacted areas so that clients can return to their homes and regular day-to-day lives. They empathize with the inconvenience and trauma that can occur and offer extensive customer service in order to help reduce stress, and impact when sewage damage is present. With 24/hrs Boyd’s can be in your home or business beginning the clean up process to IIRCR standards.

Things To Note When Coping With Sewage Leakage or Flooding

  • Sewage categorizes water from oceans, lakes, and rivers that may contain contaminants, microorganisms, bacteria and unhealthy pesticides. If these things become trapped inside your walls or under your floors they could very quickly become a rather large health hazard.
  • It takes more then chlorine bleach to clean up sewage. Sewage cleaning should be left to professionals who understand how to appropriately disinfect different structural materials. If you try to clean sewage damage without the proper procedures, you may still be exposed to dangerous contaminants, molds and bacteria.
  • Carpets or absorbent flooring cannot be saved once they have been exposed to sewage! Any material that is porous and absorbs substances such as upholstery, bedding, wicker, paper, fabrics (of any kind) cannot be decontaminated with hot water and bleach once they are exposed to sewage. Your best approach is filing an insurance claim to replace these items and disposing of them immediately.
  • If part of your building has been flooded with sewage the entire building is at risk of contamination and should be evacuated until deemed safe. Only a certified professional can determine when a building is safe to return to. The IIRC (institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration) is a public service that exists to aid individuals who have suffered water-related damages and they certify damage and repair experts to specialize in sewage removal and restoration.

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