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Thermal Heat Drying

Fast Drying Is A Critical Step In The Flood Reparation Process!

When you are dealing with water damage in the home or commercial office, every second under water can lead to more extensive damage and should be dealt with promptly. The longer materials remain wet; the moisture becomes a health risk for bacterial and mold growth. Due to these immediate health concerns Boyd’s Water Flood and Repair Services in San Diego offer 24/7 customer service, so they can be all call when you need them, without a moment to spare.

Did You Know That After As Little As 24hrs of Moisture Exposure Mold Can Begin To Form?

Boyd’s takes this kind of emergency seriously, because they understand the long-term reparations of failing to deal with water related incident immediately. As soon as you contact Boyd’s Water and Repair Services, they will step into action offering you a same day consultation and assessment in order to begin work drying the effected area. In order to speed up the process, the experts at Boyd’s use state of the art technology known as: Thermal Heat Drying Systems to quickly begin the process of drying your home and returning it to its original state. Traditional drying methods can take up to 5 days or more to completely eliminate moisture risks and fully dry a structure. Thermal Heat Drying by Boyd’s water and Repair services takes only 30 hours of ongoing application.

When it comes to minimizing the damage in your home every second saved, is dollars saved by you on your insurance claim. By using Thermal Heat Drying, you are not only able to begin the clean up process faster, you can also dramatically reduce the cost of labor, business interruption, and time outside of your residence.

Thermal heat drying is appropriate for extensive water damage of all kinds, including sewage flooding or leakage, because sewage flooding is so concerning it is best to begin the thermal heat and drying process as soon as possible in order to eliminate so major health concerns.

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