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Water Damage FAQ’s

Everything You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Did you know that water damage insurance claims are the most common insurance claims issued by American home owners?

Many water damage insurance claims are the result of burst pipes, leaky appliances or water in residential basements. When these incidents occur, many people have to issue insurance claims in order to be able to afford the extensive repairs that are needed. Occasionally, insurance polies do not cover “water damage” only flooding.

The difference between flooding and water damage can be vaguely defined, and it is extremely important that you clarify with your contractor, which you are insured, or filing a claim for. Boyd’s Flood and Repair Services are well practiced in dealing with both instances of flooding and water damage, however it will depend on your level of coverage whether or not all of their services will be paid for by insurance. In order to help victims of water damage or flooding incidents, Boyd’s offers negotiable payment plans that will help you deal with the immediate concerns regarding stationary water in your home. With the initial concern being, the well being of yourself and the restoration of your property so that you can return to your home or place of business without further losses.

When beginning to break down what qualifies as water damage or flooding there are also three categories of damage that need to be prevented and addressed:

1.) Is there Clean Water Damage?

Clean water damage, is typically not harmful or contaminated. It can be dealt with without special hazard precautions and typically leaves only surface cosmetic damage if addressed and dried within hours of occurrence.

2.) Is there any Grey Water Damage?

Another level of water damage that is cause for concern is grey water damage in a building structure that may contain some contaminants. Caused by contact with sewage, it needs to be cleansed with care immediately and inspected before residents are able to return.

3.) Is Black Water Damage Present?

The most concerning level of water damage is “black water” which refers to highly contaminated water that is unfit for contact or consumption. Extreme precautions should be taken when dealing with this level of damage and a professional team of technicians should be employed to dispose of the materials.

Protecting Your Home and Assets From Water Damage and Flooding

Unfortunately when water damage occurs it is often unpredictable and comes without warning. There are environmental factors and acts of god that simply cannot be avoided even when you take precautions. Boyd’s Flood and Repair services in San Diego recommend that home and business owners insure their structures against environmental flooding AND potential water damage hazards, Although insurance in these areas may seem expensive, the cost of repairing and restoring your home back to its proper state can be quite overwhelming. As the most trusted name in the area of water related restoration, they have seen first hand how much damage can be caused by an unexpected water incident. As much as they would like to recommend further precautionary measures, it really is impossible to know how and when you may find yourself “under water”.

Don’t be careless about neglecting appliances and plumbing in your home and try to perform a thorough home inspection every few years. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding take the recommended steps to protect your loved ones and property, however never forget that their is nothing more valuable then human life and your own safety should always come first. Boyd’s Flood and Repair Service is just a phone call away to help you begin the process of restoring your home. Don’t hesitate to call night or day, as they offer 24/hr customer service and immediate response.

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