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Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Boyd’s Flood and Repair In San Diego Provides Water Damage Repair Services

Boyd’s Flood and Repair take water damage restoration and repair seriously!

Boyd’s Flood and Damage repair in San Diego is experienced and certified to aid families and local businesses with water damage repair and restoration. They are fully certified by the IICRC our skilled technicians know how to deal with extreme to mild water damage in residences and commercial buildings.

Why restoration following water damage is important

Whether it was a natural disaster, burst pipe or occupant negligence that caused the water damage, dealing with it promptly and properly is extremely important. At Boyd’s Flood and Repair in San Diego, we consider an incident of water damage to be considered an emergency because water spillage and moisture damage, not treated with 48 hours can lead to additional problems. This is why our water mitigation services are available on call 24/7 in order to help individuals whose homes and businesses are being impacted by water damage take care of it promptly.

Coping With Water Damage

The first thing you need to when experiencing water damage in your home is identify the water source and then call a certified IICRC Water damage and repair expert to come in and evaluate the situation. Depending on the scenario additional precautions may be necessary;

1. Identify the water source and turn it off if you can. This will stop the immediate risk of additional water damage to some extent. If the flooding is being caused by a natural disaster or flood you may wish to sandbag the areas where the water is getting in, do what you can to contain the flooding with sandbags.

2. Turn off your electric breakers in the damaged area, then wade through the water and unplug all electrical devices and remove them from the affected area. If you cannot stop the flow of electricity (ex: the water damage is in the room with the breaker box or you are in a commercial building or rental) stay away until a professional arrives to assess the situation.

3. If the room is safe to enter, remove items that you wish to save from water damage promptly.

4. Do not attempt to use your home vacuum to begin sucking up the water on your own; this can lead to electric shock and is extremely dangerous

5. Stay out of the effected area until help arrives, if you are worried that the water damage is threatening the structural integrity of the building, leave.

Types of Water Damage

There are two types of water damage that you should be concerned with regular water damage, and sewage backup. Regular water damage could be subcategorized as:

-Backup or Frozen Pipes
-Ice Melt
-Storm or Flooding
-Sprinkler system malfunction
– Fire Department water damage
– Structural Leaking
– Other

Concerns Regarding Sewage Backup

Sewage water also known as black water contains bacterial pathogens that are known to be a severe health risk. For this reason, we recommend that homeowners and property managers contact a professional Water Damage and Repair agent immediately if they are concerned about Sewage backup, and stay away until a full assessment can be delivered.

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